Corporate Matching (Year round)

What is corporate matching?

Many companies will match contributions to nonprofit organizations made by their employees. This can double the money you donate to Marguerita School or PTA. Below is a partial list of local companies that match. If you do not see your company’s name, please check with your employer’s HR department about corporate matching.

Does corporate matching benefit my employer?

Many corporations are happy to match your donation as they, too, will get a tax deduction for their donation.

How do I request a corporate match?

It depends on your employer. Either fill out and submit a paper match form provided by your employer or complete an electronic submission process. For most employer systems, find Marguerita PTA by searching for our tax payer ID (EIN: 95-6208112). We are sometimes listed as “PTA California Congress of Parents Teachers and Students Inc.”

When should I apply for corporate matching?

Right after you make a donation to Marguerita School or PTA! Some companies distribute corporate matching funds right away, while others process them less frequently.

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