Gift Cards (Nov/Dec)

Gift cards make great gifts to family, friends, teachers, coaches, coworkers, or use them yourself. Consider buying gift cards through Shop with Scrip as a way to support PTA sponsored initiatives! You pay the value of the gift card, and the PTA receives a rebate that is a small percentage of the gift card value.

Order the gift cards online or print out and complete the paper form. Our coordinator will collect your payment and group together an order on a monthly basis and distribute the gift cards to you when they come in. (During the pandemic, we will NOT be accepting paper forms.)

How to Order Online
  1. Enroll at ShopWithScrip.
  2. Enter Enrollment Code 29DE95L461114
  3. Place your first order!


*PTA does not endorse, warrant or recommend any of these products. PTA will receive a small percentage of every sale. If you decide to purchase any gift card, we thank you.