STEM + Families Science Festival



The Marguerita PTA and Marguerita School are excited to bring the STEM + Families Science Festival to every classroom and your home! This amazing program provides students and their families with fun projects to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) through hands-on activities.

In March and April, enrichment program provider High Touch High Tech will bring science educators to your child's virtual classroom for fun and engaging grade-specific science instruction and guided hands-on experiments. All science materials will be provided. Look out for upcoming supplies distribution dates from your child's teacher!


Kindergarten: Insectology
1st Grade: Survive & Thrive
2nd Grade: Does It Matter?
3rd Grade: Adaptations
4th Grade: Light It Up!
5th Grade: What's Out There?
6th Grade: Build It Up!
7th-8th Grade: Real Reactions

This program was made possible through generous funding from the Marguerita PTA, Marguerita School, and a $1000 National PTA STEM + Families Science Festival Grant, sponsored by Bayer. Our program goals are:
•   Make real-world connections with STEM principles like problem-solving and critical thinking.
•   Inspire your family to explore interests and even potential careers in STEM.
•   Give your family access to STEM activities you can do at home.

Participating in a STEM + Families Science Festival Program at Home

Can’t wait to start the fun??? See below guides with additional science experiments that you and your child can do at home, at your own pace, using common household items! It also includes links to experiment demonstration videos. Get together with your family after class and launch a rocket or make Martian jelly today!


While you are conducting the experiments, make sure to take lots of pictures and videos. You have a couple of options for sharing these pictures/videos. You can email them to Marguerita PTA at —if you choose this option, you must also send a signed media release form. This allows the PTA to share these pictures/videos publicly and with National PTA. Or, you can post the pictures/videos on social media and tag @MargueritaPTA —in this case, you don’t need to submit a signed media release form for your PTA to be able to share them publicly and with National PTA.