Thursday, September 12, 2019

Book Fair Needs You

We need more volunteers for book fair next week. It's great so many of you jump in and signed up to help so quickly in just 2 days, but it has slowed down a bit on day 3. There are still 89 slots (yellow slots in attached calendar screenshot) to fill as of 9/12 morning. We also need more help for Thu 5-6:30pm (not shown on the calendar).

We do need more cashiers. The cash register is on a touch screen running Android. It literally works just like a tablet. It is very intuitive with a built-in tutorial to practice test sales on it. If you can comfortable using a tablet, you can be a cashier.

If you have not sign up yet or sign up already with capacity to do more, please see where you can help making this a successful book fair.

Volunteer online sign up page

Class book fair shopping schedule

4 LA County Fair raffle for volunteers sign up by Friday evening.

Cash register tutorial

General info about book fair schedule

Book fair home page