Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Jog-A-Thon Needs Volunteers

A majority of students is expected to participate in the Jog-A-Thon. This means we need A LOT of help. We need about 3 volunteers PER CLASS to help tally the kids running their laps and cheering them on.

Additionally, you will NOT be able to see your child run or cheer them on unless you are volunteering. This event is during school hours and is not open to all parents. So you do have to be CLEARED to volunteer.

Here is a link to the online signup sheet to volunteer. Sign up for your child's class or for another teacher during the same run time. If you can sign up for the entire day (it's a minimum day), we could certainly use the help!

And if you are unable to volunteer that day, you can still help by talking to other parents about the Jog-a-thon, and by getting pledges/sponsors for your child.

The volunteer signup time slots are set up around the class run times. The run schedule is below.